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March 2015 Data911 Announces integration of the WOLFCOM VISION

Dec 2014 Iveda Granting Exclusive License to Wolfcom for its sentir platform



In 2011 a little-known company rose from obscurity to lead the industry in police body worn camera technology. Since then we have set the standards for all to follow. We were the first to produce a body camera with 1080p high definition video recording. The first with GPS Geotag technology and night vision. Also the first to develop a three in one multipurpose device. The list goes on. In just a couple of years we have made "Wolfcom" a recognizable brand worldwide. We have now developed our newest Law Enforcement body camera, the Wolfcom Vision. Forged from feedback from hundreds of Police departments across the USA, the Wolfcom Vision takes it all to another level.

police camera 1st place awardDesigned and assembled in Hollywood, California the Wolfcom Vision is the tiniest, lightest, and most configurable Law Enforcement grade body camera that again claim a First in body camera design and concept.

Why Wolfcom? Wolfcom is short for Wolf Commander

Our company is named after Wolves for a reason.

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A Wolf is a natural born leader and survivor. Wolves have the ability to work together in a pack or alone. They know how to lead, follow and command. When the leader is killed, another takes his place and so on until the last remaining Wolf.
Thus "The Lone Wolf".

police wolf Here at Wolfcom we push ourselves to become leaders. To become the critical thinkers that are crucial to surviving in this ever changing world.

Founded in 2001, Wolfcom has launched several innovative products for Private Investigators, Law Enforcement, Military, and Consumers alike. Over the years, Our core experience and expertise has been in Audio and Video, Security Surveillance, Night Vision Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and Covert Pinhole Wireless Spy cameras. This valuable experience in Audio and Video that we accumulated over the last 14 years has brought us to this very moment. To build the best body cameras in the world!

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Our Wolfcom units are assembled and tested vigorously up to 14 days before shipping. Our knowledgeable sales and technical support team will always be on hand should you or your officers need assistance. We have worked hard to make our Wolfcom Body Cameras the best in the world and will continue innovating to bring you the best technology has to offer. Our body Cameras have to be the best

"Because Cops Deserve the Best!"

Wolves have always been among us. You might not have noticed but we've always been there protecting you, watching over you. It takes a certain breed to do what we do. A belief system that is our creed. If you look closely you can spot us by our eyes. And when we are united, watch out! Because we would do everything it takes to protect you from what you fear the most. Even if it means losing a few of our own. Because it's YOU that we believe in. Honor, courage, integrity above all else. It's what we are, it's who we are, and we will always be here for you. We are Wolfcom.

For the wolf in every man. Wolfcom

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Mission Statement:

Our nations Law Enforcement officers and first responders risk their lives every single day. Despite their honorable sacrifices , their integrity is under constant attack. To protect those that protect us all, our mission is to create the best body cameras in the world. A body camera that will see and remember what an officer may have forgotten under stressful conditions. A body camera that will be the truth behind false accusations when an officers needs it the most, and one that will put the viewer right in the shoes of the wearer. We push ourselves to make the best Police body cameras in the world because “Cops Deserve The Best”.


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 WOLFCOM made the INC.5000 list of
the fastest-growing private companies in America.
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Cop Unplugs Body Cam, Shoots Woman, Turns Camera Back On Just In Time For Gun To Appear On Dead Body

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