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Find Out Why Wolfcom Police Body Cameras
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Wolfcom body cameras are considered multi-functional, multi-purpose Law Enforcement devices that have a wide array of uses. Our units can be used as a standalone video recorder, as an In-Car video system, or attached to a police radio to use as both a body camera and speaker microphone with PTT function. Police Officers can use our body cameras to record 1080p quality video, photograph crime scenes, record audio statements, peek around corners, and use the GPS feature to tag locations of tossed objects during a pursuit.


Police Camera Videos

Videos taken with the Wolfcom 3rd Eye.

“In the 11 Years I have been in law enforcement, I have tried numerous video systems- both cruiser and on body video systems. I have never come across a better video system than Wolfcom 3rd Eye. From the GPS tags on the video to the night vision and day vision clarity to the audio recordings, I have never had a video system that has even come close to matching the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. I am especially impressed at how easily it is to download the videos, take pictures while still recording video, and replay video that has just been recorded. Clearly, there’s no doubt that I highly recommend the Wolfcom 3rd Eye to all law enforcement personnel!”

Chief Nathan W. Motter
Waynesfield Police Dept.
The Videos below have been submited by Police Officers.
These videos were filmed using the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. Please make sure to set the Video quality to the maximim level of 1080p.
Helicopter Jump Searching for Marijuana Farms Police Officer Documenting an Illegal Marijuana Farm Students stuck in elevator
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
K9 Officer finds hidden drugs Drugs in the Blouse Night Time Video with Night Vision activated
Night Time Video with Night Vision Actvated Amazing Clarity and Color even with No Night Vision Activated Documenting a suspect in custody
  The Videos below were created to demonstrate the benefits as well as the recording quaility of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. The videos are hosted by Youtube that limits the playback to 720p although in actuality, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye records in Full HD 1080p Please besure to select the highest resolution when playing these videos.
Shots Fired Must See!
2 Officers wearing the Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Camera respond to a call
Gun in the Car
Police Officer sees a gun on the seat during a routine traffic stop
Foot Patrol
A sample of the Audio and Video quality during a Police foot patrol
Car DVR Sample Video
Sample Video of Police car DVR at night and during the day
Foot Pursuit
Traffic Stop turns into a foot pursuit. Police camera catches the words on a shirt
Night Vision Test
Distance Night Vision test of in pitch black darkness from the Wolfcom Police Camera

GPS Function of the Wolfcom 3rd eye