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The New Wolfcom Vision Police Body Worn Camera

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The First Police Body Camera in the World with a 2 camera system

Utilizing Critical Re-Connect Technology



The Vision Docking Station The Vision as an In-Car camera

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Police Body Worn Camera System

Made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum

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police camera 1st place awardThe very first body camera in the World that can record up to 36 hours of video. Can take up to 56,000 Photos and can record up to 360 hours of audio.

police camera 1st place awardThe First Place Ribbon means that we are the first company in the world to have this feature in a Police Body Worn Camera.


Wolfcom Enterprises is proud to introduce its newest addition to its body worn camera line.The Wolfcom Vision. Designed and assembled in Los Angeles, California. This new unit is Wolfcom's vision for the future. Made with aircraft grade aluminum, it is the world's smallest, lightest, secure, and most versatile law enforcement body camera in the market today. The new Wolfcom Vision's design and creation is a result of hundreds of pages of feedback from professional law enforcement worldwide and from Wolfcom's 20 years of combined knowledge, experience, and expertise in the specialized field of personal body worn camera systems for law enforcement and private investigators.

What makes the Wolfcom Vision  so uniquely special is that it is designed to exceed the needs and requirements of just about every single law enforcement agency that is looking for the world's leading technology at a price affordable to everyone. lapd body camera for police

Critcal Reconnect logo                     Future Technology Ready

  • Main Features:

  • Made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum

  • It's a Video Camera that records 18 Hours of Video (36 Hrs with 64 GB)
  • It's a Digital Camera that takes over 28,000 Digital Photos (56,000 with 64 GB)
  • It's a Voice Recorder that records 180 hours of audio (360 Hrs with 64 GB)
  • Up to 1080p High Resolution recording
  • 120 Degree Wide Angle lens
  • Future Technology Ready
  • Camera Flash and Flash Light
  • Up and down Rotatable Camera Head
  • GPS with Location Tagging or Marking during a Pursuit
  • Pre - Record Buffering from 60 seconds to 30 minutes at 1080p with or without audio
  • Ability to Stamp an Officers Badge number onto Video and Photos
  • Vibration Confirmation and low battery alert
  • Video Streaming out for Optional Live Remote View
  • One Touch Record Switch
  • Covert Photo Taking
  • Headset Camera Capable
  • Eye Glasses, Sunglasses, Collar, Epaulette, Cap Camera
  • Covert Pinhole Button Camera for Plainclothes Detectives
  • Critical Reconnect Technology ( Patent Pending )
  • Night Vision capable with External Night Vision Camera
  • In-Car Camera Capable
  • Up to 8.5 Hours with Battery Packs and 15 Hours with Super Pack
  • Programmable Record Light for Public Awareness
  • Password Protected



body worn camera system       body worn video camera


critical re-connect banner

The Wolfcom Vision main unit is an all-in-one, self-contained digital video recorder with a rotating camera head, built-in rechargeable battery, and 32GBs of internal memory. The unit can be used alone as a fully functioning body worn camera. If so desired, an external clip on camera can be plugged into the main unit for Point of View (POV) recording. The main unit has auxiliary input and output ports allowing the unit to be connected to a PC or external battery. The unit weighs only 2.2 ounces with a dimension of 2.9 inches high by 1.5 inches wide by 0.6 inches thick, making it one of the smallest and lightest police body worn cameras in the world.

The Wolfcom Vision can record and store over 18 hours of video, can take over 28,000 digital photos, and can record over 180 hours of audio. In short, the unit is a video camera, a digital camera, and a voice recorder, combined into one single lightweight unit. The Wolfcom Vision has a high quality 120° degree wide angle camera lens that can be rotated up or down allowing the officer to point the camera in the correct direction according to his or her  height or stature.  (120° is the maximum allowed  before warping or bending of the video image occurs.) Video recording quality is exceptional and configurable with selectable recording quality from 1080P true HD all the way down to 640x480 resolution allowing police departments the ability to adjust the camera resolution according to their memory storage capacity.


Future Technology Ready ™ (FTR)Future Technology Ready

The Wolfcom Vision is Future Technology Ready. We designed our body camera to be ahead of its time and ready to integrate with future technology that either doesn't exist yet or is still at its infancy stage. This means that it will be several years before the Wolfcom Vision becomes outdated.


Up to 1080p HD Video Recording with Advance One Touch Record (OTR)advance OTR switch1080p police bodyworn video

police camera 1st place awardThe Wolfcom Vision can record up to 1080p high resolution video. To begin recording audio and video, the officer simply needs to slide the One Touch Record switch to the DOWN position.  While recording video, he can simultaneously take photos by pressing the center button on the camera. To stop recording, the officer simply sliding the One Touch Record switch to the UP position. The Wolfcom Vision can record up to 18 hours of Video.



body worn video camera

 Vibration and Visual Confirmations Alertsbwv camera led light

The unit has vibration confirmation when activating and de-activating recording.  At any time, an officer can look down into the top of the unit at the status indicator light to confirm if the his body camera is ON and Recording. This same status light cannot be seen by the public.




body camera awareness light

Public Awareness Light

police camera 1st place awardThe Wolfcom Vision features a first-ever Public Awareness Light (PAL) located on the front of the unit.  The purpose of the PAL is to inform the public that they are being recorded.  Designed to promote good behavior from the knowledge of being recorded, the PAL can be programmed to flash during recording, stay steady on or never turn on at all.  The PAL is completely programmable to your preference.



16 Megapixel Built-in Digital Camera with Flash and Flashlight

police camera 1st place awardThis police body worn video camera can take up to 28,000 photos.Should the officer wish to take digitalbody camera flashlight photos, he/she would switch to Photo Mode, turn the unit on and press the center button to snap a photo. The Vision has 4 Super bright LEDS that works as both a camera flash and flashlight. During a night time traffic stop the Officer simply activates the flashlight by pressing on a button on top of the unit. The flashlight will illuminate the officers traffic citation book as well as the occupants of the vehicle allowing the officer to keep both hands free in the event he has to reach for his weapon. He no longer needs to hold a flashlight in his hands.

Audio Voice Recorder


The Wolfcom Vision also has a voice recording option for recording sound when no video is needed. Perfect for recording victims or witnesses statements, especially when they are camera shy. During questioning, an officer can simply detach the unit from his body, switch the Unit to Voice Recorder Mode and hold the unit like a microphone in front of the person being questioned or place it down on a table. The unit can store over 180 hours of audio recordings.

in-car camera wolfcom visionInstant in-Car Video Camera

police camera 1st place awardThe Wolfcom Vision police body worn video camera can also be used as a police car dash camera. Just clip right onto the window visor. No need for a windshield mount that will only get in the way. When the officer gets into his vehicle, he can quickly clip the Wolfcom Vision camera onto the window visor. When he exits his vehicle, he can unclip it from the visor and attach it onto his uniform.



bwv with prerecord


 Advanced Pre-Record with Audio (60 Seconds to 30 Minutes Buffer Time)


police camera 1st place award

The unit also features configurable pre-record with buffer time up to 30 minutes at 1080P resolution with audio and at 16:9 aspect ratio.  With pre-record enabled, events from 60 seconds to 30 minutes before the activation of the camera will be recorded. Audio recordings can also be configured to be on or off.

Configure it to your preference

We know that the number one problem with body cameras is mounting onto a human body. That's why we made the Wolfcom Vision™  configurable to fit every body type. YOU choose what's comfortable for you!lapd body camera










 Above the Shoulder View

The new Wolfcom Vision body camera can be worn horizontally on a shoulder epaulet. By rotating the camera upwards 90° degrees the unit can be clipped on to the shoulder epaulet instantly making it an above the shoulder camera. lapd body camera police

The Wolfcom Vision can also be worn on the belt with the camera head tilted upwards for maximum comfort and convenience. The officer will still be able to record audio and video without being top heavy. Additional Battery Packs and GPS Modules can be worn next to the Vision on the belt.


Ability to add Secondary Cameraswolfcom vision pov camera

Audio and video inputs on the unit lets an officer attach a variety of secondary external cameras allowing the officer the ability to choose between a dozen mounting options in order to choose the most comfortable configuration. Point Of View Cameras as well as hidden pinhole cameras can be attached to the Wolfcom Vision making it the most versatile body camera offering a multitude of choices for all types of law enforcement situations.


 Critical Re-Connect Technology (CRC) critical reconnect technology

police camera 1st place awardThe Wolfcom Vision™  is the first body camera in the world with Patent Pending Critical Re-Connect™ Technology (CRC). With other POV body cameras, a camera that is on a Police officer's eyewear, collar or headset may be ripped or torn off during a struggle with a suspect, causing the POV body camera to become inoperable. This means that NO Audio and No Video will be recorded. With the Wolfcom Vision's Critical Re-Connect Technology, if this were to happen, the main unit's camera and microphone will re-connect and recording of Audio and Video will resume.


 Wolfcom vision police camera pov

Connect multiple cameras for a different Points of View


Point of View (POV) Cameras

Need POV (Point of View) recording?

Our POV cameras can be mounted above the shoulder in various configurations, such as collar, cap, helmet, headset, epaulet, sunglasses, prescription eye glasses, and firearm using the built-in clip.

body camera for police

Just connect the Eye Vision™ camera to your sunglasses or eyewear or clip in onto your shirt collar or cap or firearm.

policeman with sunglasses camera and radio








Lapd body camera Police camera on gun

The Eye Vision™ (POV) Point Of View camera with built-in microphone, can be clipped on to an officer sunglasses, safety glasses, or prescription glasses allowing the unit to see and record in the direction his head is facing. Once the Eye Vision camera is plugged into the Wolfcom Vision A/V port, the main camera on the Vision is deactivated and all audio and video recording is taken from the external Eye Vision POV Camera. The same camera can also be clipped onto a baseball cap, hat, helmet, or shirt collar.   

body camera LAPD headset camera 
The Most Comfortable Headset Ever!

Our POV Head Vision™ headset camera with built-in microphone can be worn comfortably on the head and will not fall off during a foot pursuit. The headset connects directly to the Wolfcom Vision. For maximum comfort, the Officer can choose to clip the Wolfcom Vision to his uniform or onto his belt.

LAPD body camera with night vision 


Night Vision

Need Night Vision? Connect our Night Vision Camera with built-in Microphone to the Vision™ and clip onto your pen pocket. The Vision™ body camera then clips onto your belt for a low profile look. Night Vision infrared LED's can be activated with a push of the button. The range of the Night Vision is 20 feet or more in total darkness.

covert body camera








Covert Vision

Connect our covert pinhole button camera with built-in Microphone to the Wolfcom Vision™ body camera and you instantly have a covert hidden camera recorder for detectives or private investigators. Our covert vision camera set comes with extra matching buttons you can sew onto your shirt. The Wolfcom Vision™  body camera can then be hidden in the pants pocket and then actvated when needed.


GPS ModuleGPS body camerawifi module for body camera

police camera 1st place awardConnect the optional GPS module to the Wolfcom Vision body camera and you instantly have all the GPS features of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. With the GPS feature, all video files and photos are tagged with the GPS coordinates of the unit showing where the video or photo was taken. GPS geotagging will show the route an officer took while video recording. GPS geotagging is very useful when reviewing footage of a foot pursuit or car chase. When reviewing videos on our Wolfcom Management Software, you'll be able to see the route of the video simultaneously on a map next to it and as the video moves so does the dot on the map. This is valuable when reviewing video of a foot or car chase as you'll be able to see the exact route taken as footage of the chase unfolds before you.


 Location Tagging or Marking during a pursuitpolice camera 1st place award

During a foot chase or vehicle pursuipolice car chase location taggingt, an officer has a million things going on in his mind. The last thing he wants to do is to take his eyes off the suspect. With the Wolfcom Vision™  GPS module, the officer can press the Snap Shot button to record the exact location that an item was tossed out by a suspect. After the pursuit is over, if the officer cannot remember the location where the items were tossed, he can then bring up the GPS coordinates to pinpoint the exact location.


GPS Time Sync- Automatic GPS Time and Date Synchronization

 You'll also enjoy the benifits of GPS Time Sync. With the Optional GPS module connected to the Wolfcom Vision, the Date and Time is always accurate.  Although the date and time can be manually adjusted, with our built in GPS Sensor the officer never has to worry about it. The Wolfcom Vision's internal clock will automatically be updated using received GPS information from satellites in orbit.  With GPS Geo Tag, the location where the video or photo was taken cannot be disputed.

WOLFCOM Vision Battery packs

Extended Battery Packwifi module for body camera

 Adding an optional Extended Battery Pack will give an additional 4 hours of battery life to the Wolfcom Vision . The Wolfcom Vision body camera has a 2.5 hour battery life so adding 1 extended battery pack will give you 6.5 hours of recording time. But that's not all, we've designed the extended battery packs so that they can easily be daisy chained to each other. So if you connect 2 battery packs to the Vision, You'll have a total of 10.5 hours of recording time. Add a third battery pack and receive 14.5 hours or recording time. The Extended battery pack is exactly the same size and demensions as the Wolfcom Vision and the Optional GPS module and weigh only 1.2 ounces each. They can be worn alongside each other confortably on the belt and are so light the officer won't notice them at all.


WIFI Modulewifi module for body camera

With our WIFI module, the Wolfcom Vision body camera will automatically begin recording when it receives a signal from a WIFI source. Police officers will no longer have to worry about activating their body camera manually. Multiple triggers can be set up to wirelessly activate and deactivate video recording.



body camera remote view

 Remote View Ready (See what the Officer Sees)

police camera 1st place awardWe know that the future of body cameras should have the ability for Remote View so that Police Commanders can view live video footage from the station or command post. The Wolfcom Vision™ is "Remote View Ready" and can connect to any 3rd party 3G or LTE device and is Future Technology Ready (FTR). During video recording, the Wolfcom Vision body camera will stream video out to a 3rd party device that is used to transfer live video footage to another location. During this process, the unit will also save recorded video to its memory.


Car Mode

police camera 1st place awardThe Car Mode function enables the unit to be used as an in-car camera system.  The unit will begin recording video when the vehicle ignition is activated and will stop recording video when the vehicle ignition is de-activated. If desired, the Wolfcom Vision can began recording when a siren is activated (Additional Installation and parts will be needed for Siren Activation). When docked, the Wolfcom Vision and all of its accessories will also be charging. This would allow an officer to always have a fully charged body camera.



 Docking Station and Management SoftwareWolfcom docking station

The Wolfcom Vision can be docked into a docking station. Docking stations are modular and can connect to each other. Each docking station will charge and download the files from the main unit and also charge the extended battery module.  The docking station is connected to a workstation via USB which allows automatic transfer of recorded videos, digital photos and audio recordings to the backend solution, the Wolfcom Management Software.  Once the files have been transferred, they are processed, tagged with all meta-data and secured with an SHA2 hash.


The Wolfcom Vision is designed with chain of custody and security in mind.  The memory of the unit is not removable.  The camera is sealed with security screws and can only be opened by a Wolfcom technician.  When the unit is plugged into a computer, files cannot be accessed without the correct software and password.  All of this ensures that your evidence cannot be tampered with.



The Docking Station can be used to dock up to 3 Wolfcom Visions at a time or use it to dock 1 Wolfcom Vision, 1 GPS Module, and 1 Extended Battery Pack or 3 of any kind.


bwc docking station
Photo above shows 3 docking stations with 3 Wolfcom Visions, 3 GPS Modules, and 3 Extended Battery Packs.





police video docking station 

Photo above shows 8 docking stations with 8 Wolfcom Visions, 8 GPS Modules, and 8 Extended Battery Packs, connnected to our Wolfcom Management Software.


Docking station

Photo above shows the Wolfcom Vision Docking Station mounted  on a wall. Status lights will indicate if the units are downloading, charging, or fully charged.



New Product Alert!
Tur your Wolfcom Body Camera into a Bomb Inspection camera tool or use it to look into dark attics and over walls and barriers. Perfect for SWAT. Works with both the Wolfcom 3rd Eye and Wolfcom Vision
under carriage bomb camera Bomb inspection tool
car bomb camera
car bomb search Visual Tactical Advantage Kit

The Wolfcom VTA Kit allows the user to attach either a Wolfcom 3rd Eye or Wolfcom Vision to it instantly making it a valuable tool. Officers can extend the rod to peer up into attics or over walls. The VTA Kit can also be used as a car bomb inspection tool.

Model: VTA kit

wolfcom vision body camera

We know we are the best and we know many will try to imitate us. But we move forward paving the way for others to follow. We build body cameras because its what we do best. We do it because we love what we do and have fun doing it. But mostly, we do it for you because you deserve the very best.

"Because Cops Deserve the Best"



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Wolfcom vision 1080p body camera

Wolfcom Vision police camera

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on body camera for police officers

Wolfcom vision 1080p body camera

Wolfcom Vision police camera

police epaulette body camera

body camera on body

police collar clip camera body worn


on body camera for police officers

Wolfcom vision 1080p body camera

Wolfcom Vision police camera

police epaulette body camera

body camera on body

police collar clip camera body worn


on body camera for police officers

Wolfcom vision 1080p body camera

Wolfcom Vision police camera

police epaulette body camera

body camera on body

police collar clip camera body worn


on body camera for police officers

Wolfcom vision 1080p body camera

Wolfcom Vision police camera

police epaulette body camera

body camera on body

police collar clip camera body worn


on body camera for police officers

Wolfcom vision 1080p body camera

Wolfcom Vision police camera

police epaulette body camera

body camera on body

police collar clip camera body worn

on body camera for police officers

Wolfcom vision 1080p body camera

Wolfcom Vision police camera

police epaulette body camera

body camera on body

police collar clip camera body worn